Journey to Space opens at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – Journey to Space takes you along for the ride as NASA prepares to launch into a new phase of exploration and discovery. Get ready to blast off on a mission beyond the stars in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater at Cincinnati Museum Center. Journey to Space opens Friday, October 9.

Journey to SpaceJoin current and former astronauts as Journey to Space examines NASA’s history and puts into context the incredible contributions made by the Space Shuttle program and its intrepid space pioneers. It then turns the page, looking to once again go where no man has gone before: Mars.

“Humans are and always have been explorers, seeking to push the limits of their own mental and physical abilities,” says Dave Duszynski, vice president at Cincinnati Museum Center. “This film encourages a new generation of explorers to follow in the footsteps of history’s greatest explorers: Christopher Columbus, Edmund Hillary and, literally, Neil Armstrong. For anyone who has ever looked to the stars and wondered about what lay beyond, this film will not only give them hope but challenge them.”

Journey to Space 2
Humans have been looking to the stars for millennia, wondering what lies beyond this world. The first American got a glimpse of what lay beyond the Earth in 1961 when Alan Shepard did so aboard NASA’s Freedom 7. Eight years later, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong took one giant leap for mankind. In the years since, NASA has landed another 11 astronauts on the moon, sent vehicles to Mars and enabled astronauts to live in space aboard the International Space Station. Their next chapter seeks to bring science fiction to life once again.

Despite perceptions that the space program died with the end of the Space Shuttle program, Journey to Space takes you inside NASA for a look at Orion, NASA’s first spacecraft designed to carry humans on long-duration deep space exploration missions, including the six months it would take to journey to Mars. NASA has also designed Olympus, an inflatable habitat that will sustain human life on Mars for two years. To survive the harsh environments of Mars, the moon and even asteroids, NASA is developing a new spacesuit that will allow for greater mobility and minimize cosmic dust.

Journey to Space is an in-depth look at the training, technology and ingenuity of NASA’s next giant leap for mankind.

“This film is a stunning display of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at work,” says Duszynksi. “For schoolchildren today, these skills are critical to future success, both on this planet and beyond.”

Journey to Space opens October 9 in the Robert D. Lindner Family OMNIMAX® Theater at Cincinnati Museum Center. For tickets and showtimes visit