Cincinnati Museum Center CEO Elizabeth Pierce to receive National Preservation Award

. November 5, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – The National Trust for Historic Preservation will present its Peter H. Brink Award for Individual Achievement to Elizabeth Pierce, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center . Pierce is one of 13 award winners to be honored by the National Trust during its 2015 PastForward National Preservation Conference this week in Washington, DC.

Cincinnati Museum Center Union TerminalElizabeth Pierce was a strong leader in support of Cincinnati’s Issue 8, a 2014 ballot measure that asked voters to support a levy in support of Union Terminal’s restoration. The measure, which passed with 62 percent of the vote, will provide an estimated $170 million needed to restore the art deco masterpiece. Combined with historic tax credits, contributions from the State of Ohio and philanthropic fundraising efforts, this will allow for the complete repair and restoration of Union Terminal.

“A vital part of the Cincinnati Museum Center team for the past eight years, Elizabeth Pierce was instrumental in the passage of a Hamilton County ballot initiative campaign funding the preservation and restoration of Union Terminal,” said Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. “Her creative and hands-on approach, in partnership with the other members of the coalition, aligned perfectly with an on-the-ground advocacy campaign resulting in the passage of the measure with 62 percent of the vote. Elizabeth is an inspiring leader, and we are proud to call her a friend and a partner.”

Architectural and construction firms have been selected, and work on the restoration of this iconic Cincinnati building is slated to begin next year.

“I’m honored to accept this award not only on behalf of Cincinnati Museum Center, but on behalf of all those who worked and voted to save Union Terminal,” said Pierce. “More than just a building, we saved the memories of millions, and ensured that future generations can make their own memories inside Union Terminal.”

The award will be presented at the National Historic Preservation Conference in Washington, DC on November 5, 2015.

The National Preservation Awards are bestowed on distinguished individuals, nonprofit organizations, public agencies and corporations whose skill and determination have given new meaning to their communities through preservation of our architectural and cultural heritage. These efforts include citizen attempts to save and maintain important landmarks; companies and craftsmen whose work restores the richness of the past; the vision of public officials who support preservation projects and legislation in their communities; and educators and journalists who help Americans understand the value of preservation.

The 2015 National Preservation Award Winners:

Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award: Robert Silman

The American Express Aspire Award: Recognizing Emerging Leaders in Historic Preservation: Emilie Evans, Detroit, MI

Peter H. Brink Award for Individual Achievement in Historic Preservation: Elizabeth Pierce, Cincinnati, OH

President’s Award for National Leadership in Historic Preservation: Greenwich Post Office, Greenwich, CT

National Trust/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation: Salvation Army 3010 Apartments, St. Louis, MO

John H. Chafee Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Policy: Representative Michael Turner (R-OH) and Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR)

The Tony Goldman Award: John and Mary Gronen, Dubuque, IA

The Trustees’ Award for Organizational Excellence: Adirondack Architectural Heritage, Keeseville, NY

Trustees Emeritus Award for Excellence in the Stewardship of Historic Sites: Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA

The 2015 Driehaus Preservation Award Winners:

Baltimore Design School, Baltimore, MD

Ames Shovel Works Apartments, North Easton, MA

JW Marriott Houston Downtown, Houston, TX

Dental Associates Iron Block Building, Milwaukee, WI

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, a privately funded nonprofit organization, works to save America’s historic places.

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