Repointing completed on the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museums Dodson House

. September 11, 2017

As part of its commitment to future growth, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum recently contracted D.W. Masonry of Denton, Md., to repoint the brickwork of its 1800s Dodson House.

The current home of CBMM’s administrative offices, Dodson House was built sometime between 1851 and 1861 for the Dyott family. When Richard S. Dodson acquired the home in the 1880s, he expanded it slightly, raising the side facing the water and adding the spectacular triple porch on the water side.

The bricks were probably made locally, out of locally obtained clay, and like most 19th century brick, they were not fired at such a high temperature as modern bricks. They were originally mortared with a lime- and oyster shell-based mortar, which likewise, is softer than modern mixes of Portland cement. Over time, exposure to the weather eroded some of the original mortar, and water can now seep through the brick walls, damaging the building interior.

CBMM undertook a major rehabilitation of Dodson House in the early 2000s, but never completed the task of repointing the mortar between the historic bricks. Thanks to funds provided through a Maryland Bond Bill, and matched by donations to CBMM’s five-year comprehensive campaign, that project has now been accomplished. It was done according to preservation best practices so that Dodson House can stand for another generation and more.

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With Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum President Kristen Greenaway and Vice President of Facilities Management Bill Gilmore are Tom Conneely, Dave Smith, and Brian Barnes of D.W. Masonry. D.W. Masonry recently repointed the brickwork on CBMM’s Dodson House, which holds its administrative offices

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