Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Redevelopment Update

Following the announcement last year that the MCA had received planning approval for its $50 million redevelopment, the Museum is delighted to unveil this new series of artist’s impressions of the new building.


As the images illustrate, plans for the new museum are taking shape at a rapid rate under the guidance of Sydney architect Sam Marshall, and the Government Architect’s office. These images showcase how the redevelopment will create a contemporary northern wing with education as a continuing central focus of the revamped Museum. The wing will house a National Centre for Creative Learning with workshop spaces for schools and after-school programs.

There will be new facilities for the MCA’s renowned Bella program for young people with specific needs, as well as a digital classroom, multi media room, artists research library, resource room and lecture theatre/new media events space, which will allow the delivery of a greater range of educational programs to more Australians living in remote and regional areas.

It will also result in a complete refurbishment of the MCA’s existing galleries to transform the Museum into a truly international institution serving audiences of the future.

The ambitious re-development has arisen in response to the demands of increasing visitor attendance, which has further exacerbated the poor accessibility of the building. The MCA now has over half a million people visiting each year and no doubt this figure will only grow in the years ahead.

The Museum has raised $27million and requires the remaining $23million for the project, to begin construction and transform the MCA into a global hub of contemporary art and ideas.

140 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
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