Duxford War Museum to Run Racing Car Tests

South Cambridgeshire District Council in the UK has agreed to F1 car tests in 2010 at Duxford Imperial War Museum (IWM).

The council has said only one test day can be held each month and there must be at least three weeks between them.

A maximum of 180 runs up and down the runway will be allowed and at least five weeks notice of each test day must be given to Duxford, Thriplow and Whittlesford parish clerks.

Sue Ellington, environmental health portfolio holder, said, “We’ve worked closely with the museum to reach a balance between their needs and the rights of residents.

“By putting conditions in place, we are aiming to limit any inconvenience to local people, give them plenty of warning about future events and prevent any escalation in noise or frequency.

“We will continue to monitor testing and will review the conditions if necessary.”

Renault used the facilities for straight-line testing on a number of occasions in 2009.