Asian Art Museum of San Francisco Installs New Video Surveillance System

Avnet, DataCom,BLADE Network Technologiesand IBM announced the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco has tightened security around its world-renowned collection of more than 16,000 Asian artworks by installing a DVD-quality video surveillance system based on powerful IBM BladeCenter servers, IP-based software from DataCom and Ethernet network switches fromBLADE Network Technologies(BLADE). The solution will help the Museum view, monitor and digitally record activity while archiving footage over an IP network.

The Asian Art Museum is home to the largest collection of Asian Art in the United States, valued at $4 billion dollars. After a five year, $165+ million dollar reconstruction project, the Museum received a grant to bolster its security system in October 2006. The Museum began investigating ways to supplement its analog camera-to-VCR network. Replacing the 130 cameras with sophisticated video technology could cost upwards of half a million dollars, but DataCom’s security networks running on the IBM BladeCenter platform leverage existing analog sources and network components without adding new equipment.
“The solution from Avnet, DataCom,BLADEand IBM provided a one stop call in terms of service,” said Jim Horio, director of Information Technology at the Asian Art Museum. “Not only was the solution up and running in a matter of weeks but the scalability of IBM BladeCenter will allow us to increase the system’s capacity if and when we need to.”
Supported by members IBM and Avnet, DataCom’s Network Video Servers (NVS) form the central component of advanced security networks. Each NVS records and displays high-quality, real-time video with an easy to operate interface allowing security personnel to access and manage an unlimited number of servers and cameras through local, remote or web access. Because the solution compresses images on a 64-bit video capture board, it frees more than 80 percent of BladeCenter system resources for enterprise applications. The BladeCenter is equipped withBLADE’sNortel Layer 2/3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Modules to provide needed bandwidth, speed and security to pass multiple video feeds into the storage network and to coordinate network interaction from the operators.
“The dependability of IBM BladeCenter coupled with advanced video management software and in-system networking allows DataCom NVS to bridge the gap between security and IT technology,” said Steven Gregory, vice president of Marketing, DataCom. “This platform allows valued customers like the Asian Art Museum to easily consolidate existing security resources, to enhance and simplify data management cost effectively.”
VM Assist, an IT professional consulting and services company and Avnet IBM partner, implemented the Datacom solution at the Asian Art Museum.
“Avnet is committed to bringing best-in-class solutions based on IBM BladeCenter architecture to market through our channel partners. Built with local support from VM Assist, this enterprise-level Datacom surveillance solution will benefit the Asian Art Museum for years to come. VM Assist’s surveillance expertise, combined with Avnet’s superior technical and customer support, is the cornerstone of our success in bringing security solutions like this to market,” said Dennis O’Connell, SVP and General Manager, IBM Business Unit, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas.
About the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

The Asian Art Museum is a public institution whose mission is to lead a diverse global audience in discovering the unique material, aesthetic, and intellectual achievements of Asian art and culture. Holding more than 16,000 Asian art treasures spanning 6,000 years of history, the museum is one of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art. Once located in Golden Gate Park, the museum now resides at its new, expanded facility at Civic Center Plaza. An architectural gem featuring a dynamic blend of beaux arts and modern design elements, the museum’s new home is the result of a dramatic transformation of San Francisco’s former main library building by renowned architect Gae Aulenti (designer of Paris’s Musee d’Orsay) into a showcase for the museum’s acclaimed collection and
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