Celebrity Director makes a Fun Inspection at the National Railway Museum

Staff at the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York have been working extremely hard organising steam rides, rehearsing science shows and making sure there are plenty of supplies for the Museum’s free craft activities in preparation for a very important visit from their celebrity boss – seven year old director of fun, Sam Pointon.

Sam was appointed by the NRM last summer and it wasn’t long before the world knew about his exciting new job. A huge amount of attention from the UK media led to Sam being interviewed on radio stations as far afield as Australia and Canada.

Since his appointment, Sam has made a number of visits to the NRM and on Tuesday, he came to inspect and report back on the NRM’s Easter holiday activities to make sure that the Museum remains as fun and family friendly as possible.

During his visit, Sam tried out the steam rides by jumping on board the footplate of the class N7 locomotive which is pulling rides at the NRM throughout the Easter holidays. He took his family and one of his best friends to see the NRM’s new Energy show and a theatre performance by Platform 4 actors in the Great Hall. Sam even helped Museum staff by giving out free Thomas badges to visitors at the Thomas shop.

Sam said:

“I really like visiting the Museum especially now that I’m a director. The best thing about Easter is the steam train I loved being next to the driver when it was moving. My other favourite thing is the turntable because you can walk on it now that it’s a ferry and that’s really fun. Next time I come, I hope that it’s sunny and there are lots of fun things to do outside, it would be fun to have a sand pit and I would like to go on another steam train.”
Sam also got the chance to meet the NRM’s new director Steve Davies who was the successful candidate for the job Sam originally applied for.

Steve explains:

“It’s been fantastic meeting Sam and his family today. We have a lot in common, especially our passion for railways, so I can see why Sam was hired. My passion began at his age too, so who knows where his career might go! Our director of fun has some really good ideas for the Museum which I’m looking forward to working with him on.”
To help Sam do the best job he can, visitors to the NRM website will be able to send their suggestions to the director of fun on his very own page. Sam’s favourite suggestions and ideas will be posted on this page with a reply from him.