AudioConexus Launches Tourism iPhone App for Museums

AudioConexus and GeoQuest Technologies announced a partnership which seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor tours like never before with the launch of an innovative Walking Tour App.

Imagine a self directed walking tour in a museum where you learn about the fascinating spaces, places, and structures that influenced and shaped communities into a modern city. Then, picture yourself walking out of the museum to continue your tour of historic buildings and physical objects on your iPod Touch or iPhone allowing for a hands-on interactive experience with direct control of content such as audio, video, photos, text and maps.

AudioConexus today unveiled the first product developed to break down traditional barriers between people and technology by introducing a multimedia rich iPod Touch and iPhone application designed for all visitor attractions be they indoor, outdoor or a combination indoor/outdoor experience, allowing people to move freely wherever they want. Developed for museums, art galleries, archaeological sites, walking tours including cruise ship shoreside and port services, visitor attractions, as well as hotels and schools, the App provides audio, video, photos and text for self-directed as well as guided tours.

The media rich content of a guided tour is delivered on the iPod Touch iPad and iPhone with optional GPS, giving visitors the freedom to experience an attraction or destination in their native language. Multimedia can also be customized for a specific audience, be they experts on the topic or children just learning.

“Our partnership with AudioConexus means that we can apply our mobile development expertise and shared passion for creating meaningful tour experiences,” said Jeff Swyers, CEO, GeoQuest Tech. “With AudioConexus, tour operators now have an entirely new way to deliver the information visitors need, turning their vacation experiences and weekend getaways into entertaining and engaging experiences. Our companies represent a winning combination of design and innovation coupled with the expertise of a global GPS tour entertainment company.”

“By using GeoQuest Tech’s mobile engine to power our Tourism App, we’re creating better tour experiences. We’re taking audio and audio-visual interpretation to a new level,” said Jonathan Stanley, President & CEO of AudioConexus Inc. “With our Tourism App, we’re creating more intuitive ways for people to interact with collections, artefacts and destinations. We see this as another step to providing complementary and alternative technology options for organizations seeking cost-effective multimedia tour solutions that are entertaining, enjoyable and educational.”

With a Keypad, Point of Interest (POI) directory, interactive maps, slideshow and photo gallery, AudioConexus has unhinged the requirement for proprietary multimedia guide technology. The software application functions like modular building blocks that can be combined in a variety of different ways. Tour content can include audio, video, images, text, and graphics. Existing audio tours can be distributed through alternative media channels including the Apple iTunes Store.

About AudioConexus Inc.

AudioConexus Inc. (“ACI”) provides GPS triggered sightseeing tours in multiple languages simultaneously, removing language barriers for foreign language travelers. As a leading GPS Media and Entertainment company, we create GPS audio and video experiences in the real world, where urban and natural environments transform into theatrical backdrops for exceptional storytelling. The company provides tourism operators with significantly enhanced tour products and visitor experiences in any language, any topic, anywhere. We help tourism operators to increase sales and reduce costs while providing better sightseeing tours and promote safer driving.

About GeoQuest Technologies

GeoQuest Tech is a mobile software development company that specializes in producing well designed, robust, and reliable large commercial software products. Delivering cost effective and high-quality software solutions across numerous vertical sectors, including financial software, enterprise web and database development, award winning desktop applications, multimedia applications and interactive games, GeoQuest Tech provides an end-to-end solution, covering all aspects of custom software development.

With a track record for creating award winning products on Windows, Macintosh and all variants of Unix and Linux, GeoQuest Tech develops software applications for hand held devices and gaming platforms.