Brading Experience Museum Auction

Victorian items including more than 200 taxidermy pieces sold for more than £280,000 at at Duke’s Auction House in Dorchester, Dorset in the UK

The items were from the Brading Experience Museum on the Isle of Wight, which shut in January.

The collection included taxidermy pieces some of which were made to look like mythical creatures.

Items included: A shrunken monkey heads on spikes, Siamese lambs conjoined at the head, dozens of glass-eyed waxworks with liver- spotted skin or daggers plunging into their chests. A Bengali tiger, an oversize tortoise, a crocodile, a baboon, a lion, a deer, a zebra and a hyena, komodo dragon and a range of birds.

A giant stuffed tortoise was the top lot at £6,000, a “unicorn” sold for £2,800 and a “yeti” went for £650.