Canada Aviation Museum Solar Power

Enfinity, a global renewable energy company, announced today that it will lease the rooftop space of the Canada Aviation Museum for the construction of a 295 kilowatt solar photovoltaic system. The project will be the first solar energy integration on a museum in Canada.

The museum building located in Ottawa, Ontario, houses one of the world’s finest collections of aircraft, and will now also feature 2,051 solar panels that will produce enough energy to meet the needs of approximately 30 homes, in accordance with Ontario’s feed-in tariff program.

Enfinity will install the array on 6500 square meters of the Canada Aviation Museum’s rooftop; in return, the museum will receive lease payments from Enfinity for the use of the rooftop, at the same time benefiting from the production of clean solar energy.

“The Enfinity rooftop lease model provides building owners the opportunity to convert idle rooftop space into a new source of revenue, and to demonstrate environmental leadership with no capital outlay,” said Rafael Dobrzynski, CEO of Enfinity Americas. “At the same time, building owners can take confidence in our local expertise and international knowledge base which ensures the long-term viability of each rooftop solar installation.”

Enfinity specializes in developing and financing renewable energy projects worldwide, and is currently operating in nineteen countries. As part of its core business, Enfinity develops rooftop solar installations that produce clean, predictable power output. It is the predictability of these installations that makes such projects attractive to investors. To date Enfinity has funded and developed over 500 commercial and industrial rooftop solar installations worldwide.

About the Canada Aviation Museum

The Canada Aviation Museum is Canada’s finest aviation museum with an internationally renowned aeronautical collection. The museum is a part of the Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation. To learn more please visit

About Enfinity

Enfinity specializes in developing and financing renewable energy projects worldwide. As a project specialist, Enfinity delivers turnkey installations of solar and wind energy power plants and has offices in the U.S., Canada and 17 other countries in Europe and Asia. In order to finance these energy projects, Enfinity works with individual project companies financed by equity investors and banks. Enfinity’s 2009 revenues totaled more than $340M USD, and its U.S. headquarters are in Atlanta, Ga. For more information, visit