Hollywood Entertainment Museum Items for Auction Sale

Super Auctions and Hollywood Entertainment Museum (HEM) have announced the return of the Max Factor Collection to their upcoming Online Auction with Live Auctioneer Audio Streaming on Saturday, May 15. In 1992 the Historic Collection had been generously donated to HEM by Max Factor & Co., a subsidiary of The Proctor & Gamble Company.

Most of the items in the Collection had been on display in the Max Factor Museum located at 1666 N. Highland Avenue in Hollywood until its closure in July 1992 at which time only select items such as the iconic Beauty Calibrator, the only one known to be in existence, had been on display in HEM’s Museum.

Phyllis Caskey, President and CEO of Hollywood Entertainment Museum explained, “The Max Factor material was one of the focal points of the Museum to tell the story of fashion in the growth and development of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry with this Collection being one of the first major donations to the Museum.”

Hollywood Entertainment Museum had ceased the sale of the Max Factor items just prior to the March auction after months of reflection upon the rarity and importance of the collection; although they have agreed to once again make the collection available to the collectors who will continue to care for and treasure these unique and valuable items. This is being done only because the recession has required HEM to do so. “We are very excited to once again be able to offer the Collection to the public,” stated Melissa Storment, VP of Super Auctions.

Other items of interest from the Collection which are currently slated for the auction include: autographed negatives and photographs from well known stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age such as Theda Bara, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Cary Grant, Corinne Griffith and Mae West; still production photos, set negatives and test photos, wig making schedules and more from such films as 1939 Gone with the Wind; the Kissing Machine, Head Measuring Device and a variety of Original Make-Up created by Max Factor dating as far back as 1917.

“The history of Max Factor and how he changed the faces of Hollywood forever will never be forgotten,” stated Storment. “The online bidding has now begun and we will continue to post new items online daily up to the auction date. It would be an injustice to attempt to sell everything at one time which is why we have scheduled a series of auctions to sell the Museum’s Collections.”

In addition to the Max Factor Collection, a variety of other unique items from the Museum will also be auctioned including Movie Posters, Moviolas, Sonovision Soundies Jukebox and Joe Pelkofer’s Original Hollywood Miniatures. Proceeds will benefit Hollywood Entertainment Museum’s program serving high at-risk-youth. Please visit SuperAuctions.com to view the video