Exhibition to Benefit the Museum of Russian Art

The Museum of Russian Art (MORA) announced today an exhibition is being held in its honor on Wednesday, May 19th at the 25CPW Gallery. The exhibit is free and open to the general public including the press. A group of talented and diverse artists are coming together for this one day to benefit the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City, which is to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.
Artists include: Violetta Livshen, Vadim Prokhorov, Udita Leberg, Taguhi Barsegian, Roxanne, Olga Chemokhud, Naum Medovoy, Murman Kutchava, Lorraine Shub, Grigory Gurevich, Artem Mirolevich, Andrei Makarevich and Alex Gurevich. They are generously presenting their artwork to the public for viewing and sale.

The exhibition will be held at 25 Central Park West, corner of 62nd street, in New York City with art previews beginning at 2pm followed by a cocktail reception at 6pm. Donations and partial proceeds from the art sale will be used for the renovation of the museum space in Jersey City and are tax deductible.

Margo Grant, Director of the Museum, said, “This is one of the Museum’s most important events, as it is the beginning of the next stage in the institution’s future. We are not only renovating the infrastructure but the overall concept. The reopening of MORA in the fall will be a momentous event, and we look forward to the next 30 years of its existence.”

About the Museum of Russian Art: The Museum focuses on Russian art and culture from traditional to contemporary art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. MORA is also an educational and research institution. The Museum organizes individual lectures and continuing courses, featuring important scholars in the field, on a variety of topics. MORA aims to supplement its collection and support scholarship by accruing and sustaining a crucial library and archives. Additional information can be found at http://www.museumora.org

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