The Natural History Museum Presents New Exhibition The Deep

The Natural History Museum exhibition, The Deep will plunge visitors into the abyss, revealing a deep sea environment less explored than the surface of the moon. With bizarre creatures that have adapted to their harsh world in wonderful ways, visitors to the exhibition will discover the extraordinary yet fragile biodiversity that exists in the deep oceans and learn how Museum scientists are helping to preserve this important ecosystem. Opens 28 May 2010.

Combining astonishing imagery, real specimens and life-size interactive installations, The Deep will take visitors on an immersive voyage to the planet’s final frontier. Highlights of the exhibition include over 50 real deep sea creatures, preserved for scientific research and on display to Museum visitors for first time, and video accounts of life in the depths by Museum scientists.

Alex Gaffikin, exhibition designer at the Natural History Museum, said ‘At the centre of the exhibition is a real sperm whale skeleton which has never been on display before. We will be telling the fascinating story of the weird and wonderful creatures that live on a whale carcass for up to 50 years.’

The Deep is part of the worldwide celebrations of the International Year of Biodiversity 2010. The diversity of life on Earth is crucial for human well-being and now is the time to act to preserve it. For information on events, initiatives and exhibitions across the UK, visit

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