Buchanan Museum of Fine Art Announces Harry Ahn Retrospective

The Buchanan Museum of Fine Artannounces the opening of a Retrospective featuring the over forty (40) works by realist artist Harry Ahn, 2010 Grand Prize winner at the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition and recipient of 2010 First Place Members Award in Sketch, sponsored by the Portrait Society of America. Opening May 29, 2010

The Harry Ahn Retrospective opens several very large oil paintings positioned for street viewing, all featuring original artist constructed framing and utilizing a wide range of materials. Included within the Ahn Retrospective are works which include the subject painting for Ahn’s 2010 Grand Prize awarded by International Painters Magazine, as well as seminal works which includes “Man of God”, a large oil painting which represents a Biblical depiction of a Moses in contemplative pose, “King of 42nd Street” and “Song of Reverence”.

“Ahn’s signature style is reminiscent of that the great masters of portraiture such as Rembrandt, John Singer Sergeant and James Whistler”, says Jeffrey Antisdel, managing Director of the Buchanan Museum. “Mr. Ahn’s work conveys a deep and abiding sense of humility that I’ve come to appreciate in works by Gustave Courbet, a 19th Century French painter who led the Realist art movement with many works that highlighted the plight of the poor and the homeless, and the harshness of life”, added Mr. Antisdel.

Joining the Buchanan Museum of Fine Art is Mr. Ahn’s Gallery representative, Sycamore Fine Arts. Lead by Director Diane Overmeyer, Sycamore Fine Arts is dedicated to bringing art and people together. Sycamore represents over seventy (70) well established artists and fine crafts artisans, many who have received national or international recognition. With many artists from the Midwest, Sycamore also represents a number of artists from other states and countries, and provides art consulting services for private households as well as corporate and public collections.

“Art is a part of nature and we need look no further than ourselves to find masterpieces. We, as human beings, are formed from the ultimate Artist and Creator, and I pray continuously for Christ’s guidance in my work as a medium giving praise God’s works”, adds Mr. Ahn.

About the Buchanan Museum of Fine Art
Recognized as Southwestern Michigan’s largest public art museum, the Buchanan Museum of Fine Art is focused exclusively on the conservation, preservation and exhibition of historic works of American and European art. Underwritten by private investment and the volunteer efforts of prominent citizens Southwestern Michigan, the Buchanan Museum Collection is housed in the nationally recognized Collins & Weaver Opera House (circa 1867).

Historically, the Buchanan “Opera House” served as a cultural center to Southwestern Michigan, with music, theatre, lectures, political caucuses, socials and graduations held on premises. Notably, this historic site also served some of the first motion picture showings held in the early 20th Century. The Buchanan Museum of Fine Art is proud to continue with its heritage, with ongoing contributions to art education through the exhibition historic works of fine art.

The Buchanan Museum is open to the General Public and admission is free of charge.

About Sycamore Fine Arts
The Sycamore Fine Art gallery is comprised of two areas, each with its own function. Two rooms make up the Fine Art Galleries which showcase traditional and contemporary art work by some of the top artists in the country. The Art and Gift Gallery showcases both fine art and quality handmade gift times. Along with traditional retail services the gallery does art consulting for private households as well as corporate and public collections.


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