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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Renovation

The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum is temporarily closed. The museum is currently undergoing full renovation with plans for reopening summer 2011

Historic Tours of America® is proud to be renovating and expanding the existing Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

Due to extensive fire damage, the entire existing site will be demolished, and a new interpretive facility will be constructed in its place. Museum spaces will be expanded to approximately twice their current size and will offer a multitude of easy to understand exhibits, video presentations, living history programs, and memorabilia that tell the story of the Boston Tea Party.

Two traditional tall ships will be added to the current tall ship the Brig Beaver – replicas of the Dartmouth and the Eleanor – that will then give the site the full complement of the ships that took part in the Tea Party. Onboard the historic ships, visitors will explore authentically restored ship’s decks, crew’s quarters, and cargo holds.

The wharf areas will also provide significant additional space for exhibitions, receptions and displays. There will be a new Boston Tea Room food service area which will be open for free public access during the day and will serve group functions at night.

The new Boston Tea Party site will be able to accommodate groups of up to 500 persons for cocktails, dinner and events. There will be two new enclosed show spaces that will allow us to more efficiently handle larger visitor and school groups. Finally, the expanded gift shop will offer tea and Boston related gifts in a themed setting, and the addition of heat, air conditioning and working public restrooms will improve the site for locals and visitors alike.

It is the goal of Historic Tours of America® to immerse Boston residents, heritage visitors, and students in the historical experiences and important events of and around December 16th 1773, to tell the stories of the participating men and their families, and to reinforce the way that the Boston Tea Party changed the lives of American’s forever. Indeed in bringing to life this historic event we feel that we have a responsibility and a commitment to historic preservation, heritage education, and the advancement of patriotic ideals.

We hope that you will join Historic Tours of America® in celebrating this important event and participate in our journey to bring the Boston Tea Party Shipssm & Museum experience to generations of Boston residents and heritage visitors.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Congress Street Bridge, Boston, Ma 02127

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