Ana Tzarev Featured at The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Ana Tzarev, the first Western artist to be featured at The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, will be the subject of a solo exhibition opening on September 25, 2010.

The exhibition, ANA TZAREV, will showcase the floral paintings on which Ana Tzarev based her section of the Hanoi Ceramic Wall Project, comprised of mosaics covering the massive retaining wall that runs throughout the city. Both the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum exhibition and the Hanoi Mosaic Wall are part of the events celebrating the upcoming 2010 Thang Long –Hanoi Millennium.

Flowers played a powerful role in the peaceful resistance to the Vietnam War in the 1960’s and 70’s and the artist Ana Tzarev’s choice to use a floral design was her conscious decision to use this symbolism as a bridge to the past. When asked about her inspiration for the Wall design, Ana Tzarev replied, “I developed a floral design using images of flowers from countries all around the world as the universal language of peace and love. I wanted to engage visitors and the people of Vietnam in something extremely positive and uplifting to celebrate both the Millennium and to commemorate joy, hope, love and continuing peace for this beautiful, historic city”.

Vietnam has a population of nearly 90 million people. Tourism is a fast growing industry and the Millennium celebrations will highlight the history and culture of Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam with 6 million people and one of Asia’s most ancient cities. The exhibition ANA TZAREV is on view at The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum September 25 through October 4, 2010. Images of the paintings in the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum exhibition are available on request. For more information please visit

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