Da Vinci – The Genius Exhibition at the Museum of Science & Industry

An inspirational exhibition featuring the UK Premiere of the Secrets of Mona Lisa. Open through 12th September 2010.

See fascinating 3-D animations of Da Vinci’s most famous paintings and sculptures as well as large-scale interactive machines, hand-crafted by modern-day Italian Artisans. With over 200 items on display, this is the most comprehensive and inspiring exhibition about the man who is arguably the greatest genius the world has ever seen.

Discover 25 startling revelations about the world’s most famous painting in the intriguing Secrets of Mona Lisa. Pascal Cotte, French scientific engineer and examiner of fine art, invented a 240-million pixel, multi-spectral camera to photograph Da Vinci’s masterpiece in the Louvre. Find out what she would have looked like in her original 1506 colour and walk around the world’s only 360° replica. Revolutionary technology bringing science and art together, just as Da Vinci did over 500 years ago.

Museum of Science & Industry
Liverpool Road
M3 4FP
Tel: 0161 832 2244
Fax: 0161 833 1471


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