Maia Zer Landscape Paintings and Portraits at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art presents an exhibition of paintings by Maïa Zer. The paintings are based on observing nature and the temporal, the evasive and the ephemeral. Open through 02 October 2010.

Maïa Zeri, Pomelas, 2009

In the series of portraits and landscapes presented at the exhibition, the artist documents her close surroundings, always from a personal point of view. At times she “cuts out” a piece from reality which serves her pictorial aims, at others she holds a dialogue with a painting from art history. She has always chosen a figurative style that is true to reality, while operating a selective choice in describing the details of that reality. The portraits reveal Zer’s great interest in the representative components of painting, in which she rethinks a pictorial truth.

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