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Shackleton Whisky Thaw Project at Canterbury Museum

A project to thaw, open and examine a crate of what is believed to contain whisky from Ernest Shackleton’s 1908 British Antarctic (Nimrod) Expedition has started at Canterbury Museum, New Zealand. The Nimrod expedition made […]

Canterbury Museum to Show Captain Scott Manuscript

A manuscript handwritten by Captain Robert Falcon Scott during the British Antarctic Expedition 1910–13 and recently discovered in the warehouse of a London bookseller has been acquired by Canterbury Museum. The 11 page manuscript was […]

MoMA Celebrates Barbara Hammer

Exhibition Includes the World Premiere of Hammer’s Newest Film, Generations, as well as Her Groundbreaking Experimental Short Films and Documentaries NEW YORK, – A retrospective of works by experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer (American, b. 1939) […]