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Cape Cod Museum of Art Presents The Subject is Light: The Henry and Sharon Martin Collection of Contemporary Realist Paintings

The Cape Cod Museum of Art presents an exhibition The Subject is Light: The Henry and Sharon Martin Collection of Contemporary Realist Paintings, open through November 7.

Henry and Sharon Martin, who began to collect art over 30 years ago, have built what is arguably the strongest Hudson River School luminist collection in private hands today. Within the last 10 years, they have focused on the living artists of Cape Cod – concentrating on work that meets their exacting criteria. Henry Martin says, When we’ve looked at the same picture 100 times, we want to look at it for the 101st time and still see something new.

The Martins believe that representational art is re-emerging as an important element in American art and are focused on excellence in all areas. Their goal is to acquire the best works by the best artists of this region. The Martin collection includes work by Joseph McGurl, William R. Davis, Jacob Collins, Robert Douglas Hunter, Anne Packard, Pam Pindell, Donald Demers, Matthew Schulz and Peter Quidley. CCMA is fortunate that the Martins are willing to share their collection with its members and visitors.

The Martins are charming, articulate and passionate about their art. They will be available to guide gallery visitors through their collection at the CCMA and to talk about the collecting process which has engaged them for so long.

In 2011, this exhibition will travel to the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, CT.

Image: “Fishermen off of White Island Light” by William R. Davis, Cape Cod Museum of Art

The Cape Cod Museum of Art’s mission is to collect, conserve, study, interpret and exhibit works by outstanding artists associated with Cape Cod and the Islands. Through its programs, the museum seeks to preserve the artistic heritage of the area and to foster artistic and cultural growth within the individual and the community.

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