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Deep Blue Marine, Inc Opens New Museum in Dominican Republic

Deep Blue Marine, Inc. announced that the company has completed construction of a new museum to house artifacts recovered from shipwrecks in the Dominican Republic. The Grand Opening was held September 18th, 2010 and was attended by local, state and federal government dignitaries from the Dominican Republic.

The museum was built under the direction of Randy Champion and Allan Baird and is situated in the city of Samana very close to the port of entry for both cruise ship and whale watching patrons. As of last week the museum is 100% operational and includes artifacts from the Le Scipion, a French warship that fought in the War of Independence for America, plus several other important historical wrecks. The museum also includes a state of the art conservation lab and a very well stocked gift shop. The first cruise ships arrive for the 2010-2011 season on October 13. It is anticipated there will be over 100 cruise ships this season scheduled to enter the Samana Bay area for the 2010-2011 season. Each ship carries approximately 2000 visitors to the bay. Deep Blue has made arrangements for presales of tickets to the cruise lines and hopes to have several hundred visitors per week visit the museum.

Wilf Blum President and CEO stated, “As always, investing in this type of venture is very risky and no one should invest in this type of venture if they cannot safely tolerate that risk.”

Journalists and individuals seeking interviews are encouraged to contact Mr. Randy Champion at Deep Blue Marine’s head office in Salt Lake City, Utah phone 801-568-1873, cell 801-631-9104 or email at [email protected] . All media will be directed through Mr. Champion.

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