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Sikh Museum Opens in Canada

The Multimedia Sikh Museum in Mississauga, opened to the public on Sunday, October 10th, 2010.

This hi-tech project was spearheaded by Surrey, British Columbia based encyclopaedist, museologist, drug therapist and community activist Dr. Raghbir Singh Bains under the patronage of Baba Sewa Singh Kar Sewa Khadur Sahib, India. The museum provides opportunities for visitors to learn in minute details on Sikhism, the 5th largest religion of the world. It will provide information about Sikh beliefs, ceremonies, customs and traditions. There also will be information about various other faiths.

“This pentagonal-shaped museum is an interactive tool for everyone. You have to just walk in and touch any of the four LCD screens,’’ Mr. Bains explains.

Museum patronage and Sikh spiritual leader Baba Sewa Singh was specially flown from Punjab for the ceremonies.

There are more than half a million Sikhs in Canada, with most of them concentrated in cities of Surrey and Abbotsford near Vancouver, and Brampton and Mississauga near Toronto.

Admission will be free for visitors and guides will be available.

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