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Museum Het Domein Sittard Presents Mel Chin Disputed Territories

Museum Het Domein Sittard Presents presents Mel Chin Disputed Territories, open through 12 December 2010.

For roughly 35 years, Mel Chin (Houston, Texas, 1951) has been developing a unique, socially engaged and self-willed body of work in which cultural diversity and global solidarity play an important role. In Europe, his work has not received the recognition that it has in the United States. In his art, Chin gets at the important questions of his time. His works can be characterized as “sculptural witnesses to ecological and political tragedies.” Whether examining American imperialism in Central America, September 11, the fate of the Native American Indians, civil wars in postcolonial Africa, abuse at Guantanamo Bay, the extinction of animal species, or the way in which people pollute their natural resources, Chin creates intelligent and penetrating works with the compactness and impact of aphorism. Every new project he tackles leads to a surprising turn in his work. His project Revival Field, perhaps his most well-known work, has made him one of the most important pioneers of ecological art. With his activist view of art, he seeks the edges of the discipline and creates an arena in which social and (geo)political themes can be coupled with ideas from philosophy, biology, history, religion, anthropology, literature, and alchemy. Chin not only opens up an interdisciplinary discourse and possibilities for change with his work, but he also gives it an exciting form that often appeals to the various senses.

Museum Het Domein Sittard
Kapittelstraat 6
6131 ER Sittard
The Netherlands

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