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Penn Museum Wins 2010 ici Mobile App Award

Penn Museum is about to go mobile

The award, offered by ici, is valued at $50,000. The contest was open to nonprofit arts and cultural organizations operating in the Mid-Atlantic region (defined as the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC) offering publicly accessible programming or services.

As part of their mission “to promote the arts as a relevant — and necessary — component of a healthy society,” ici has created mobile channels on the ici app for several arts organizations including POST/Philadelphia Open Studio Tours and Philagrafika 2010.

Penn Museum’s mobile app, that we will develop with ici, will extend our reach beyond our existing social media platforms. The mobile app will “curate” the visitor experience and make our window on the world a bit more transparent. Download free podcasts and videos of lectures, and browse our collections and archival materials from our 120 year history in some of the most important excavations around the globe.

“Penn Museum is going mobile to extend our educational mission beyond our gallery walls and make our collections and research more accessible to new audiences across the globe. We hope this technology will move the dialogue into a new, inclusive, and democratic space of interpretation. Going mobile will allow us to engage our audiences in a two-way discussion and add a layer of interpretation that was not possible with traditional technologies. Our Museum staff and all of our dedicated supporters who voted for us to win this award are very excited to see the final product. We are grateful to ici for this amazing opportunity to go mobile.”
– Dr. Richard Hodges, Williams Director of the Penn Museum.

Image: Penn Museum

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