Lyme Regis Museum Presents Mary Anning and the Men of Science

The Lyme Regis Museum presents Mary Anning and the Men of Science, on view now through spring 2011.

Mary Anning (1799-1847) was a largely self-educated, working class woman from Lyme Regis who became the greatest fossil-hunter the world has ever known. She worked as a respected professional alongside people outside her social class – unusual for her time.

This exhibition explores Mary’s relationships with the great men of science of her day – William Buckland, William Conybeare and Henry de la Beche. It includes unique Mary Anning material on loan from other museums and features the newly-conserved coprolite (fossil dung) table owned by Buckland. For fun, there is a 3-D re-creation of de la Beche’s famous vision of ancient Dorset Duria Antiquior, created by artist Darrell Wakelam in partnership with local children.

This exhibition is supported by a grant from the Royal Society.

Image: Lyme Regis Museum

Lyme Regis Philpot Museum
Bridge Street
Lyme Regis
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