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National Museum of Taiwan History Under Construction

The National Museum of Taiwan History is under construction and is expected to finish in 2011.

The Preparatory Office began the preparatory work in 1999, and the National Museum of Taiwan History was officially established on March 15th in 2007.

The construction of the Museum’s Administration and Collection Building began at the end of 2003, was completed on February 8th 2007, and began functioning on May 11th 2007.

The Museum’s main objectives are the collection, categorization, preservation, research, exhibition, education and promotion of artifacts that are related to Taiwan’s history and culture. The Museum intends to become a haven for the secure, collective and long-term preservation of artifacts, and in turn to become the leading research center for Taiwanese history. As well as academics, the ordinary inhabitants of Taiwan will also be able to learn and understand more about the history and culture of their home through the exhibitions and educational activities of this Museum. Consequently, the work of the Museum will help create a bright future for Taiwan.

National Museum of Taiwan History No.250, Sec. 1, Changhe Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 70946, Taiwan Tel: +886-6-3568889 Fax:+886-6-3564981

Image: National Museum of Taiwan History

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