Mississippi Museum of Art Presents River and Reverie: Paintings of the Mississippi by Rolland Golden

The Mississippi Museum of Art continues to balance its exploration of international artists and subjects with a steadfast commitment to keeping alive the memories and character of the region. On view now and continuing through January 16, 2011, visitors are invited to discover and rediscover the dynamic beauty of the Mississippi River through the exhibition River and Reverie: Paintings of the Mississippi by Rolland Golden.

Golden, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, has traveled extensively across the country and beyond in his career of more than five decades, painting the people and places that he’s seen. The artist now lives in Natchez, Mississippi, and his homecoming is evident in the artistic expression of these paintings, which he completed between 2009 and 2010.

Included in this collection of work are 45 paintings of the Mississippi River, all from different vantage points and times of day. A painting of the ethereal misty dawn, trees with Spanish moss set against the expansiveness of the water, is set alongside that of a fiery sunset, the dying sunlight lighting up the river like napalm. The variety and diversity remind the viewer that each experience of the River is individual and unlike any other. The absence of human presence in the works invites interpretation, projection, and redefinition.

Image: Mississippi Museum of Art

For more information about this exhibition and other programs offered by the Mississippi Museum of Art, visit the web at www.msmuseumart.org or call 601-960-1515 or toll free 1-866-VIEW-ART.

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