Canterbury Museum Presents Within the Ranks: One Army, Many Faces

The Canterbury Museum in Christchurch presents Within the Ranks: One Army, Many Faces open through 1 May 2011.

Gain an insight into the people, culture and significant events of the New Zealand Army through the eyes of the Army Artist, Captain Matt Gauldie.

Gauldie’s involvement with the New Zealand Army began when he was commissioned to paint the Unknown Warrior’s return to New Zealand in November 2004. Since then he has worked, trained and lived with the soldiers, capturing their faces and emotions both at home and abroad.

Like previous Army Artists, Gauldie was issued with the honorary rank of Captain, but in September 2005 he volunteers to do Army basic recruit training. He did this to gain a better understanding and insight into the New Zealand Army, so he could more accurately reflect the true nature of the military in his paintings.

The course inspired him to do the ‘Recruit’ series of paintings and also his series ‘A Day in the Life of a Soldier’.

Gauldie has deployed to both the Solomon Islands and Afghanistan and used the insight into the operational focus of the New Zealand Army in his series of paintings on both countries.

This comprehensive exhibition of more than 70 paintings and sculptures reveals the human face of the New Zealand Army and sheds new light on the history and cultural heritage that is an integral part of army culture.

Image: Captain Matt Gauldie, Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum, in Christchurch’s Cultural Precinct, is housed in a beautiful stone building that was first opened in 1870.

The Museum is world renowned for its natural and human history collections and a frequently changing programme of exhibitions and events complements the permanent displays.

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