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Ceredigion Museum Presents Lacework Exhibition

The Ceredigion Museum is currently presenting a Lacework Exhibition by the Lace Guild open to January 2011.

The Lace Guild is the largest organization for lace makers in the British Isles: membership is international. They aim to provide information about the craft of lace making, its history and use; to promote a high standard of lace making; and to encourage design, development and professional presentation of lace.

What is it that makes lace so different from other textiles? Perhaps the most striking feature is the part that is missing: lace is full of holes! These holes are formed as the lace is made, and not cut out afterwards. The fashionable laces of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were made using bobbins or needles and these are still the two main techniques. However, lace can also be made using a crochet hook, knitting needles or a tatting shuttle, and machine-made nets can be embroidered to give patterned laces.

Image: Ceredigion Museum

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