Dallas Museum of Art Filming Video Series to Premiere on YouTube

The Dallas Museum of Art is expanding its successful social media presence with a series of six online videos. The videos will be used to give visitors an online welcome and introduction and offer a better look into the Museum and its programs.

The new video series, set to launch in February on YouTube, will be centered on some of the DMA’s most popular events and provide video answers to frequently asked questions. The Museum already has a focused and large social media presence to engage with its community, including Twitter scavenger hunts and Foursquare check-ins. The videos will be supported by a range of additional web-based interactivity, including blog postings, Facebook engagement, and Twitter contests.

“We look at social media as one of the best ways to leverage the passion of the people that already love the Museum to spread the word,” said Judy Conner, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the Dallas Museum of Art, “These new videos are meant to give people a better idea of what the DMA is all about and the kinds of experiences that people can have here. We have so many programs and events that go on here every week and we hope these videos help engage more people with the Museum. “

YouTube serves one billion videos per day, and it is predicted that internet TV will surpass broadcast by 2020. The Dallas Museum of Art’s new video efforts are an answer to a growing trend being seen online around the world. The Museum has a large supply of content that it is cataloging for future videos and mobile web content as well.


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