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Viktor Schreckengost Foundation to Open Museum

The Viktor Schreckengost Foundation plans to open a new museum devoted to the life and work of Cleveland artist and industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost. The foundation expects to open the museum in late spring – early summer.

The Viktor Schreckengost Foundation seeks to preserve and promote the legacy of renowned artist and industrial designer Viktor Schreckengost b:

Conserving the artwork, sketches, and writings of Viktor Schreckengost (b.1906): award-winning artist, pioneer of modern Industrial Design, American patriot and master teacher

Cataloging his life’s work and assuring its accessibility to students and scholars now and in the future

Developing and supporting educational curriculum based on Viktor Schreckengost’s masterful approach to teaching art and design

Advancing public awareness of the legacy of Viktor Schreckengost through art exhibitions and merchandise licensing

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