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South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum Upcoming Exhibitions

Bold Banners: Early Civil War Flags of South Carolina
Early Confederate battle flags from South Carolina display an incredible amount of artistry and patriotism in their design. These flags lack the stereotypical Confederate battle flag design and instead demonstrate individuality among units and their hometown supporters. Approximately 15 early war flags, some recently conserved and never before seen on display, will be on exhibit.

Religion in the Civil War
With over 600,000 dead during the Civil War, the most American casualties in any of our nation’s conflicts, religion played a critical role with both soldiers and civilians during the Civil War. Harvard President Drew Gilpen Foust has explored how the Civil War shaped the American perception of death and this exhibit touches on similar themes. Items belonging to chaplains and wartime religious texts, including a Bible struck by a bullet, will be on exhibit.

Civil War in 3D
Back by demand after the museum’s popular World War I in 3D, this exhibit will showcase Civil War images as they were meant to be seen using 3-D technology and a large, flat screen TV! Visitors will also learn about the political and social importance of photography during the war and why it almost undermined the Northern war effort.

From Backrooms to Battlefields: The Buying and Selling of the Confederacy
Based on the discovery of rare Confederate purchasing receipts, this exhibit takes the visitor on a journey from the smoke-filled backroom deals of England, through the thrill and danger of blockade running in exotic foreign ports, to the Southern soldiers in the field. Learn how Confederate government used their lifeline to Europe to keep the Southern war machine running until Lee’s surrender at Appomattox that ending this nation’s greatest conflict.

Carolinas Campaign
Explore General William T. Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign, the battles and destructive path of his Army, and the controversies surrounding the infamous Burning of Columbia. The exhibit will look at the impact on the homefront as well as the experience of soldiers, especially the retreating South Carolina troops that fought in the campaign.

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