Pacific Tsunami Museum Announces Laupahoehoe Exhibit

A group of artists has painted a wall mural of Laupahoehoe peninsula prior to 1946.

Laupahoehoe, Pacific Tsunami Museum

The artistic creation was designed and painted by Elfie Wilkins and two of her students, Lena Higa and Ruth Iwata. Everyone who sees it marvels at its beauty and happy feeling. The exhibit will feature survivor stories, and how decisions made on that fateful day of April 1, 1946 made all the difference. The title of the exhibit will be “Laupahoehoe – Stories of Fate”. More to come on opening date of the exhibit.

The goal of the Pacific Tsunami Museum is to promote public tsunami education for the people of Hawaii and the Pacific Region. The museum will also preserve the social and cultural history of Hawaii and promote economic development on the island of Hawaii as well as statewide. The museum will serve as a living memorial to those who lost their lives in past tsunami events.

Pacific Tsunami Museum Inc.
130 Kamehameha Ave Hilo, HI 96720
TEL: 808-935-0926
FAX: 808-935-0842
email: [email protected]

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