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Westlicht Museum Presents Sepp Dreissinger Exhibition

Commemorating the 80th birthday of legendary Austrian author Thomas Bernhard, WestLicht presents the exhibition “THOMAS BERNHARD ‘DAS FÜHRT ALLES ZU NIX’ FOTOGRAFIEN VON SEPP DREISSINGER”.

The exhibition shows around 120 photographs by Sepp Dreissinger, taken between 1977 and 1988 and 12 black and white portraits by Johann Barth.

Sepp Dreissinger, founding member of the Galerie Fotohof in Salzburg, has portrayed many known figures from the areas of art and culture, but noone as extensively as Thomas Bernhard.

Johann Barth, a collegue of Bernhard at the “Demokratisches Volksblatt” in Salzburg during the 1960s took pictures of his friend in Obernathal close to Ohlsdorf.

Both photographers portray the literary legend, author of poems, stories, novels and drama in an intimate and sensitive way.

The show features a 40-minute trailer to the film „und, also, aber. Reden über Thomas Bernhard“ by Sepp Dreissinger, showing interviews with 60 contemporaries of Bernhard. Alongside the film, the book „Was reden die Leute. 58 Begegnungen mit Thomas Bernhard“ will be published and available in the WestLicht bookshop.

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