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Bonnefantenmuseum Presents Rik Meijers / Jeroen van Bergen

The Bonnefantenmuseum presents Rik Meijers / Jeroen van Bergen, on view 17 April– 3 July 2011.

The aim of this duo presentation is to emphasize the differences in work, vision and method of working between Rik Meijers and Jeroen van Bergen in order to gain more eloquence for each artist separately.

On show will be paintings, works on paper and impressive models.

The work of Rik Meijers is now known all over the Netherlands. The exceptional thing about this work is the fact that he succeeds in directly transforming his sources of inspiration into material that stems from those sources. Numerous works portray—in his own words—losers, outcasts, drop-outs, gurus, mystics, loners, punks, junks, ghosts, bums, has-beens and down-and-outers. Rik Meijers thus achieves something that can be called unique in art.

We know Jeroen van Bergen from a few gallery exhibitions in Liège and a few presentations in Maastricht (Hedah and Bonnefantenmuseum). Though his starting point is a model of the smallest room, he now constructs mega-city structures and buildings to his heart’s desire. All his models follow the principles of stacking (beside or on top of one another), series and rhythm, creating constructions that behave independently and form a completely unique ‘urban’ world. One could advance the theory that it is more a question of a phenomenon related to music than the built environment. The repetition and rhythm free his constructions from all forms of actual reality.

Two catalogues will accompany this duo presentation: As if we never knew it, by Rik Meijers, and a publication about the work of Jeroen van Bergen. Both catalogues are available from the Museum Shop.

The Bonnefantenmuseum receives long-term support from the Province of Limburg.

Sponsor: DSM. The Bonnefantenmuseum is a beneficiary of the BankGiro Loterij.

Image: Rik Meijers, “From the place that is the World,” 2001 (detail).
Jeroen van Bergen, “tower composition 003 intersection,” 2011 (detail

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