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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Construction

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum has chosen April 19th, 2011, as the opportunity for it’s official “water breaking” ceremony signifying the beginning of construction on the new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

April 19th was chosen because it was on this same date 236 years ago that the shot was fired at Lexington Green which was the beginning of the American Revolution.

Historic Tours of America has begun a major restoration and expansion of The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. The original site, which was established in 1973, suffered major damage from a devastating fire.

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Fort Point Channel
On site will be a fixed platform attached to the Congress Street Bridge, housing two Meeting House re-enactment areas, a retail store, and offices. On the second floor of the museum, which is actually housed on a floating barge to which the ships are moored, will be an 18th century Boston tavern, serving delicious fare reminiscent of that period. Visitors will also be treated to tours on replica period ships that are currently being restored. The brig Beaver and the full rigged Eleanor, and later the Dartmouth ship, will offer a stunning dose of nostalgia of this era in American History.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Congress Street Bridge, Boston, Ma 02127

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