Gloucestershire Museum Presents Battle of Imjin River Exhibition

This Exhibition opens to the public in early April 2011 and officially opened on 20th April at the Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum.

22nd-25th April 2011 marks the 60th anniversary of the Battle of the Imjin River where the Gloucestershire Regiment won worldwide renown for its epic stand in the face of overwhelming odds.

Following the invasion by North Korean troops, international forces deployed to defend the South, and the conflict rapidly escalated into the first hot war of the Cold War. This marks the only time that two superpowers – China and the United States – actually clashed in battle.

The Museum displays the remarkable story of the Soldiers of Gloucestershire who have served their regiments since 1694. It depicts their courage, humour, their traditions and their sacrifices in exciting and colourful exhibitions for all ages to enjoy.

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