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President Clinton Museum Opens

The Clinton Birthplace 1st Home Museum has opened in Hope, Arkansas. The home is designated as a national park site..

President Bill Clinton’s 1st Home Museum and the adjacent Clinton History Exhibit Center have recently expanded the historical exhibits, with images from Bill’s family, childhood friends, and events. The museum’s exhibits strive to prompt an understanding of how influences of Bill’s first ten years helped shape his ideas and policies, concepts now influencing the whole world. The Clinton Museum Store offers some of President Clinton’s favorite books, crafts from the Clinton Global Initiative and Fair Trade Federation, as well as postcards, educational items and political memorabilia.

William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, was born at the Julia Chester Hospital on the 19th of August 1946 in the small town of Hope, Arkansas.

The Clinton Birthplace Foundation, Inc. preserved the two and a half story frame house as Bill Clinton’s 1st Home Museum.

Image: President Bill Clinton’s 1st Home

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