Grand Palais Opens Anish Kapoor: Leviathan

Grand Palais presents Anish Kapoor: Leviathan an exhibition on view 11th May to 23rd June 2011.

Each year MONUMENTA invites an internationally-renowned artist to turn their vision to the vast Nave of Paris’ Grand Palais and to create a new artwork especially for this space. MONUMENTA is an artistic interaction on an unparalleled scale, filling 13,500m² and a height of 35m.

For its fourth edition in 2011, MONUMENTA has invited Anish Kapoor, an Indian-born British artist, to challenge the 13,500 m2 of the Nave of the Grand Palais. After guest artists Anselm Kiefer, Richard Serra and Christian Boltanski, it will be the turn of Anish Kapoor to meet the challenge with a brand new work.

Born in 1954, Anish Kapoor has been producing powerful, meditative pieces since the 1980s. Making forceful use of the less-is-more principle, his installation-sculptures have a vertiginous, captivating impact on visitors. He uses materials as diverse as polished mirrors, powdered pigments, unsurfaced concrete or fatty wax, to produce forms that are at once organic and minimalist.

MONUMENTA marks Anish Kapoor’s return to Paris, thirty years after his very first exhibition. His ambition for the Grand Palais is to create an aesthetic and physical shock, a colourful experience that is at once poetic, meditative and stunning, measuring itself against the verticality and light of the Nave, an interior that seems somehow greater than the exterior.

The event is an initiative of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Direction générale de la création artistique) and is co-produced by the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) and the Rmn-Grand Palais.

Commissioner: Jean de Loisy.

Image: Anish Kapoor: Leviathan

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