Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum and Festival

Every July thousands of people visit Tolpuddle to celebrate trade unionism and to remember the sacrifice made by the six farm workers of the village. This year the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival and Rally 2011 is being held 15-17th July.

The Tolpuddle Festival commemorates an historic episode in the struggle for trade union rights in Britain and around the world. In 1834 six farm labourers from Tolpuddle were arrested on a charge of taking part in an illegal oath ceremony. The real offence was that they had dared to form a trade union to defend their livelihoods. For this they were sentenced to seven year’s transportation to the penal colonies of Australia. The sentences provoked an immense outcry, leading to the first great trade union protest. The campaign won free pardons and the Martyrs returned to England.

The Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum tells the story of the Martyrs’ arrest, trial and punishment, leading to the foundation of modern day trade unionism.

The museum is a modern, informative, and educational exhibition, using interactive touch screen displays new graphic panels telling the story in text and images. The museum sets out the Martyrs’ story in four sections: Before the arrest, The Oath and Betrayal, Transportation, and the Homecoming.

Tolpuddle Martyrs Museum, Tolpuddle, Dorchester, Dorset, England UK, DT2 7EH
Phone +44 (0) 1305 848 237
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