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Kunstal Charlottenborg Announces Summer Exhibitions

The summer season at Kunsthal Charlottenborg includes Corso Multisala (20 May–4 September), a group show featuring young Swiss artists; Pablo Bronstein (11 June–14 August), which includes a giant neoclassical pissoir; and the latest block of our Research Programme (20 May–14 August).


Corso Multisala highlights the collaborative energy and freewheeling dynamic of a tight-knit group of emerging artists, mainly based in Switzerland, who exhibit, curate and publish together. The exhibition is generated with the artists, who have also invited a number of participants from other countries and generations. Corso Multisala is at once an exhibition and a performance space, and presents a landscape of make-shift and movable architectural structures, scattered with musical instruments. These stage sets are being activated and changed throughout the exhibition, in a wide-ranging performance programme.

Organised by Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti in collaboration with Rhea Dall, Charlottenborg’s curator. Featuring: Mathis Altmann, John Armleder, Cornelius Cardew, Cédric Eisenring, Thomas Julier, Emil Michael Klein, Tobias Madison, Kaspar Müller, Emanuel Rossetti, Adele Röder, Thomas Sauter, Jan Vorisek, Hannah Weinberger and Jean-Michel Wicker. Performances: Ei Arakawa, Vittorio Brodmann, Oliver Falk, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel and others.


The centrepiece of Bronstein’s exhibition at Charlottenborg is a new architectural installation created especially for Copenhagen, and which takes the form of a giant neoclassical pissoir situated in one of Charlottenborg’s largest and most beautiful galleries. Visitors are free to use the structure, which contains a long shelf for communal urination—a shelf which drains directly onto the gallery floor. A neighbouring gallery features a group of drawings that locate the structure in a wider architectural discourse.

The works of the Argentine-born artist address the relationship between architecture, behaviour and power. Bronstein’s drawings in pen and ink on paper, with their elaborate pastiche of architectural eras and movements, are what first brought the artist to attention. However, his installations and performances are also key elements of his oeuvre, and extend the artist’s exploration of architecture into the realm of space and action.


The summer block of Charlottenborg’s Research Programme is being generated by the South American artist group Etcétera… Working as a collective since 1997, Etcétera… have made numerous public actions and interventions, drawing on the background of many of the group in theatre and puppetry. In Copenhagen Etcétera… is represented by Loreto Garin Guzmán and Federico Zukerfeld, who will be in residence at Charlottenborg until the end of June.

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