New Museum Announces “Generational” Triennial Major Works to Evolve from Artist Residencies

On view from February 15-April 22, 2012, the second New Museum “Generational” triennial will examine the practices of emerging artists born since the mid-1970s. Eungie Joo, Keith Haring Director and Curator of Education and Public Programs, who was appointed Curator of the 2012 “Generational” last year, will reflect her primary curatorial research in cities rich in cultural production, but often overlooked by US museums.

To facilitate meaningful dialogue with participating artists and audiences during the development of the exhibition, “The Generational,” for the first time, includes residencies and public programs that support the production of new works–enabling artistic investigation, experimentation, and exchange on both formal and informal levels. The New Museum will embark on a concentrated period of residency and public programming activities this June and July 2011 with featured triennial artists Wu Tsang (b. 1981 in Worcester, MA; lives and works in Los Angeles) and Shaina Anand (b. 1975 in Bombay; lives and works in Mumbai) and Ashok Sukumaran (b. 1974 in Sapporo; lives and works in Mumbai) of CAMP and PAD.MA. Additional residencies began this past February with Public Movement (established 2004, Tel Aviv) and Adrian Villar Rojas (b. 1980, Rosario; lives and works in Buenos Aires) focusing on research for triennial projects, and other residencies will follow in the months leading up to the opening.

Exploring the potential of museums to support contemporary art activity beyond the exhibition of works, the residencies set in motion core ideas that will propel new projects for the triennial and beyond. This year’s “Generational” expands on the model developed by the Museum as Hub initiative, a laboratory for art and ideas realized through a partnership of six international arts organizations in Cairo, Egypt; Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Mexico City, Mexico; Seoul, Korea; and New York (New Museum, founding partner) that supports experimentation, ideas in development, and contemporary art activity from around the world.

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