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Vidalia Onion Museum

The Vidalia Onion Museum opened in April, 2011. The museum is housed in the same building as the Vidalia Onion Committee, Vidalia Area Convention & Visitors Bureau and Vidalia® Onion Business Council.

The 1,300-square-foot space is filled with an array of educational exhibits that highlight the sweet onion’s economic, cultural and culinary significance.

Exhibits include:

• “Pioneers, Problems and Promise”—This exhibit takes guests through the Vidalia onion’s humble beginnings. From Depression-era pioneers who began growing onions seeking a new cash cow to the first modern marketers who began selling Vidalia processed products like sauces and salad dressings, guests will learn how the onion’s “sweet” history started.

• “Recipe for a Vidalia Onion”— With a vast hand-painted 3D mural on display, this exhibit shows guests exactly what makes America’s favorite sweet onion so sweet.

• “Protecting a Name and its Fame”—This exhibit tells the story of the onion’s fight for its name. Visitors will learn about the struggle and steps taken to ensure the integrity of the real Vidalia onion.

• “A Year-Round Job”—This exhibit gives guests a glimpse into what it takes to produce these prized onions each year. From planting to picking and all that happens in between, Vidalia onion farmers have the harvesting down to a science.

• “Onion Town”—Paying homage to the town for which the vegetable was named, this exhibit notes how the city celebrates the onion. From festivals and cook-offs to beauty queens and cookbooks, the city of Vidalia incorporates the vegetable into everything it does. Visitors will also learn about the economic impact the Vidalia onion has on the stat

The Vidalia Onion Museum is located at 100 Vidalia Sweet Onion Drive. Vidalia, GA 30474
Vidalia, GA 30474
Phone: (912) 537-1918
Fax: (912) 537-2166

For more information, visit or call 912-537-1918.

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