Pinakothek der Moderne Opens Curvatureromance Sculpture Exhibition by John Chamberlain

Pinakothek der Moderne presents Curvatureromance, the first museum exhibition of sculptures created by the American John Chamberlain over the past three years. Exhibition open 08.07.2011 – 23.10.2011.

The sculptor – born in 1927 – came across a studio in Belgium that provided him with the perfect working environment. This enabled him to hone the expressive quality of his large-format metal sculptures to perfection, to increase their size, density and presence even more and, during each of his relatively short stays, raise his level of productivity in a virtually unparalleled fashion. It was here that ¿ with seemingly natural ease – Chamberlain managed to imbue the unmanageable material with a suggestive vitality. CURVATUREROMANCE, an exhibition title thought up by Chamberlain himself, conjures up associations with pulsating bodies. The sculptures turn into charismatic dancers: erotic, strong, fearless, bizarre, monstrous and with the wisdom of age.

Image: John Chamberlain, Photo: Angelo Piccozzi, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2011

Designed by the German Architect Stephan Braunfels, the Pinakothek der Moderne was inaugurated in September 2002 after seven years of construction. The rectilinear facade, dominated by white and grey concrete, is interrupted by large windows and high rise columns, the latter supporting the extensive canopied roof. Each of the four corners of the building, connected by a central rotunda, is dedicated to a special collection. The Museum is thus divided into Art (Kunst), Architecture (Architektur), Design (Design) and Works on Paper (Graphik) – Wikipedia

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