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Harley-Davidson Museum Presents Collection X

The Harley-Davidson Museum presents a special exhibition on view through August 21, 2011.

From secret prototypes to fantastic folk-art creations to “What were they thinking?” contraptions, an amazing array of treasures from the world’s largest collection of Harley-Davidson materials will be on display for a limited time. You won’t believe your eyes!

With the opening of the Harley-Davidson Museum in 2008, the general public got its first glimpse of an unrivaled collection of motorcycles and motorcycling materials. But the museum is only able to show a small portion of this incredible collection at any one time. This summer, Collection X: Weird Wild Wonders of the Harley-Davidson Museum gives us a chance to show a cross-section of other rare and wonderful pieces that the Harley-Davidson Archives has preserved for posterity.

Exhibit highlights include:

Vehicles – feats of engineering and ingenuity, fascinating novelties, and a variety of unique creations

Novelties – out-of-the ordinary merchandise and collectibles that highlight the broad range of both H-D branded and generally motorcycle-inspired products, from fishing lures to planters to coffee urns

Expressions of Devotion – Folk art and other individual expressions of the passion enthusiasts have for the sport of motorcycling and the Harley-Davidson brand

Amazing Assemblages – Artistic displays illuminating the variety and extent of the Harley-Davidson Archives collection

Weird Gear – Clothing and accessories from the functional to the purely fashionable

Did You Know? – objects that tell little-known stories from Harley-Davidson history, from lawnmower engines to rockets

Odd, Intriguing, and Mysterious photographs – highlights from the vast photographic archives

Guest Stars – a variety of strange vehicles, folk art, gear and memorabilia from other great collections

Decoder Activity for Kids – Kids will enjoy a special activity that will put their decoding skills to the test. Explore the exhibits and crack the secret code!

Displayed in The Garage on the Harley-Davidson Museum campus, the exhibit will cover approximately 8,000 square feet, and will include rare films and interactive displays.

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