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Bakken Museum Green Energy Art Garden

The Bakken Museum and Forecast Public Art have formed a partnership to create a Green Energy Art Garden on the museum’s rooftop terrace. Four projects developed by seven local artists were selected and have begun development of the outdoor gallery that will showcase seasonal works of art that display the electrical power potential in sun, wind and water. The exhibit will be unveiled and supporting programming will be offered during the museum’s free summer festival, 10 Best Days of The Bakken, July 15-24, 2011.

The artists and selected projects:
Mayumi Amada
Infinite Flower Garden
The Infinite Flower Garden is a collection of LED flowers made from recycled bottles. Powered by the sun and wind from pinwheels, it illuminates a kaleidoscope of possibilities for renewable energy.

Daniel Dean, Ben Moren, Emily Stover
The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams
The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams is a solar-powered acoustic sculpture. It explores sound amplification, converting solar power into rhythms and allowing visitors to “hear” solar energy.

Marjorie Pitz
Solar Spitters
The Solar Spitters are water gardens that illustrate solar energy and healthy ecosystems. Whimsical goblins spit water into the air while visitors use their shadows to turn the spray on and off.

Peter Sowinski and Lucas Koski
Make it Rain
The Rain Fall Arbor System plays interactively with water runoff and solar power. Visitors aim a telescope at the sun to activate water pumps and watch rain fall on the museum’s skylight.

The Bakken Museum inspires a passion for science and its potential good by helping people explore the history and nature of electricity and magnetism.

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