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The Columbia Museum of Art Presents An Artist’s Eye

The The Columbia Museum of Art presents “An Artist’s Eye” an exhibition on view through October 23rd.

The exhibition An Artist’s Eye, presents works from the museums collection in a new way. The premise is that an artist brings a different ‘eye’ and set of criteria to the table in evaluating art than does a curator or an art historian, whose training tends toward historical context rather than artistic practice. This different viewpoint – born from a background of method, process, creation and materials – can yield a new and interesting perspective to the selection and display of modern and contemporary artwork from our collection.

George Biddle, South Carolina Landscape 1931, Oil on canvas, Collection of the Columbia Museum of Art

The key to an exhibition of this nature is finding the right artist. We determined that we wanted someone who was a respected artist within the national scene, had the length of career that would allow him or her to put the artistic developments of the last 50 years (the strength of our modern and contemporary collection) into perspective, was articulate and well-versed in artistic styles and materials of the 20th century, and, if possible, had a connection to South Carolina.

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