Museum of Modern Art Presents Talk to Me Exhibition

The Museum of Modern Art presents Talk to Me an exhibition on the communication between people and objects that opened at The Museum of Modern Art on July 24th 2011.

Talk to Me explores the communication between people and things. All objects contain information that goes well beyond their immediate use or appearance. In some cases, objects like cell phones and computers exist to provide us with access to complex systems and networks, behaving as gateways and interpreters. Whether openly and actively, or in subtle, subliminal ways, things talk to us, and designers help us develop and improvise the dialogue.

The exhibition focuses on objects that involve a direct interaction, such as interfaces, information systems, visualization design, and communication devices, and on projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users. Examples range from a few iconic products of the late 1960s to several projects currently in development—including computer and machine interfaces, websites, video games, devices and tools, furniture and physical products, and extending to installations and whole environments.

Image: iGEM 2004 UT Austin/UCSF Team. Hello World bacterial photograph. 2005. Photograph by Aaron A. Chevalier.

Talk to Me Website:

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