Yale School of Architecture Exhibition Presents Work of Architect Stanley Tigerman

The Yale School of Architecture presents “Ceci n’est pas une reverie: The Architecture of Stanley Tigerman”. Exhibition on view 22 August – 5 November 2011.

Stanley Tigerman (born September 20, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American architect, theorist and designer. He studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Chicago Institute of Design, and Yale University. After serving several years in the United States Navy, he assumed the role of draftsman and designer in a series of offices. Since 1964 he has been the Principal of Stanley Tigerman and Associates Ltd. (now Tigerman McCurry Architects), in Chicago. He has also taught at several universities in the United States. A collection of his papers is held by the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries in the Art Institute of Chicago. – Wikipedia.org

Architecture as an art was taught at the Yale School of the Fine Arts in the late nineteenth century. Precedence for this pioneering in art education was set as early as 1832 when the Trumbull Art Gallery (the first college-affiliated gallery in the country) was opened. This event signaled a commitment to education in the arts that culminated in 1869 with the opening of the Yale School of the Fine Arts, the first college-affiliated art school in the country. The department of Architecture was established in the School of the Fine Arts in 1916. In 1959 the School of Art and Architecture, as it was then known, was made a fully graduate professional school. In 1972, Yale designated the School of Architecture as its own separate professional school.

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