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Kunsthallen Brandts Opens Soren Lose: Relicts

Kunsthallen Brandts presents Søren Lose Relicts on view 26 August 2011–8 January 2012.

In no more than a split second a certain kind of scent can take us back to our childhood or remind us of a particular person from the past. Søren Lose occupies such memory lanes. He presents documents, takes photographs of old buildings and reconstructs elements from the past.

Søren Lose has created a number of new works for the exhibition Relicts which take their point of departure in key objects from Berlin at the time of the GDR. Lose has, for example, reconstructed parts of a monument to Lenin which was torn down shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. By means of this reconstruction Lose addresses our relationship to the past, and he uses the sculpture to act as the bearer of specific political and cultural ideologies and events. The theme of several works in the exhibition is of present-day interest because Germany is currently marking the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall.

Lose’s reconstructions refer to something which no longer exists and he investigates the use we make of buildings, sculptures—relics—in order to remember. Without monuments and architecture we will forget. Without symbols, the past loses its meaning and we risk repeating it.

About the artist
Søren Lose (b.1972) has had several solo shows at home and abroad, where a number of his series have been presented, including Tomorrow Land, Phantasmagorie, Abendland Home; he has, furthermore, participated in a vast number of group shows. Lose is represented for example at AROS, Fuglsang, SMYK, Skive Museum of Art, Collection Nykredit and a number of private collections. Søren Lose was a student at Funen Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2003.

Utopia in Kongens Have
In relation to the exhibition Relicts, Kunsthallen Brandts has invited three senior school classes to work with construction. Between 15 September and its unveiling on 22 September in Kongens Have in Odense, they will build their own personal Utopia. The workshop is being organized in cooperation with Funen Culture Region.

The exhibition opens on 25 August at 17:00
The exhibition will be opened by Henrik Oxvig, Associate Professor at the Department of Building Culture, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. The artist will be present.

Kunsthallen Brandts is publishing an illustrated catalogue showing new and previous works.

Image: Søren Lose, “Collage,” 2011.

Kunsthallen Brandts
Brandts Torv 1
Denmark 5000

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